Functional Diagnostic Nutrition®

What Is Metabolic Chaos™?

The Most Practical and Well-Respected Functional Lab Training Available Anywhere In The World

“Which labs to use, what they tell you about a person and how to fix the problem”
– Reed Davis
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What is FDN?

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN) is a holistic discipline that employs functional laboratory assessments to identify malfunctions and underlying conditions at the root of most common health complaints. FDN embraces metabolic individuality and provides a step by step method that allows our patients and clients to achieve repeatable, consistent and successful clinical outcomes.

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What Will the FDN Course Teach Me?

How to stop chasing symptoms and focus on healing opportunities instead. Which tests uncover the root causes of most common health complaints. How to interpret each lab on an individual basis and correlate with your client/patient. Communicating test results and interpretation to your client in plain English. Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® will teach you all of this and much more.

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Who Can Sign Up?

The FDN course is open to all serious health professionals and puts incredible clinical tools right in your hands — some of the same tools used by integrative physicians. You’ll receive comprehensive training plus case management assistance on specific functional lab tests and protocols. As your skills increase, so will your successful patient outcomes and so shall you build your reputation and business success.

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What Health Issues Does FDN Address?

When patients come to you with health complaints and say they’ve “Tried everything”, FDN provides a new method by stopping the treatment of symptoms and finding the root cause. Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® address a number of health issues, including high cholesterol, weak muscles, low energy, foggy thinking, sleep issues, depressed moods, high blood pressure, digestive problems, and much more.

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